Many people are used to putting up an artificial Christmas tree each holiday season because there’s no denying that these faux trees are convenient and durable. You can store them some place safe and bring it out again for the next year’s holidays. Still, you face the difficult task of having to choose which type of tree is best for your home. Yes, artificial holiday trees come in many kinds, which we will be discussing below. And to make it more fun, we’ve included our favorite trees available for purchase in each category. Happy hunting!

1. Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

A pre-lit tree is an artificial tree that comes pre-strung with lights. Isn’t that convenient? Depending on the manufacturer, you may find these lights can or cannot be removed. Some of the more expensive trees come with effective LED lights. Also, be sure to research bulb quality and dependability when shopping.

When it comes to pre-lit trees, we especially love this item from Balsam Hill. At 7ft, this tree makes an ideal highlight for any home or business space. It’s made with 2,366 branch tips and hand-hung with 850 clear LED lights. Purchasers are secured by a restricted guarantee of three years and you get a free stockpiling pack, tree stand, cotton gloves, a foot controller and additional wires and knobs to boot.

2. Flocked Christmas Trees

A flocked Christmas tree is essentially a tree that is covered in artificial snow. The scope of a tree’s snow coverage will vary, from completely blanketed to daintily secured tips, and even heaps of “snow” on individual branches, with a few of the green needles radiating through.

You’ll want to consider our pick in this category if you’ve always wanted a white Christmas yet never get the opportunity to see the one. Since it’s unlit, you can get more creative with the adornments and lights. This tree is not very tall so it’s an optimal choice for homes with not a great deal of room to spare. For a snappy and simple setup, this tree is made of three pivoted parts.

3. White Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree doesn’t need to be green or even seem like a certifiable tree. Truth be told, this is one favorable position of getting an artificial Christmas tree – you can get it in any shading you need. White Christmas trees are simply great, but there are also different hues to choose from like blue, pink, red, yellow, and even black.

We adore this white Christmas tree from KI Store. It is beautified with blue adornments that are certain to add a nice touch to your home or office.

4. Potted Christmas Trees

Potted artificial trees typically come in smaller sizes compared to the other types we’ve mentioned. Featuring durable bases, these trees make wonderful additions to entryways, walkways, yards, or for use on tables or counters.

This potted tree from ABUSA makes any corner look bubbly and fabulous, regardless of whether it’s exposed or decorated with trimmings. The snowy tree is secured with pine cones and red berries, with 200 pre-strung LED lights. With the Flocked Pencil Tree, you can get the great Christmas you’ve constantly longed for without yielding space or style.

5. Upside Down Christmas Trees

If you’re keen on adding an abnormal turn to your holiday decorations, consider an upside down Christmas tree. Upside down Christmas trees can swing from a tough section on the roof or display inside tip-down on the divider. An upside down tree offers some advantages not accessible with its right-side-up cousin. For one, on the off chance that you have little youngsters, you can repel a large portion of the adornments from their little hands.

Fall in love with Treetopia’s 7-foot Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree. It includes a full shape and 100% PVC needles with hand-hung clear lights that cast a warm sparkle amid the occasions.

6. Slim (or Pencil) Christmas Trees

Trying to decorate a tight corner of the house? A slim Christmas tree is the best answer for small space living. These skinny trees come flocked, lit and in various hues! We like the Kingswood Fir for this category.

7. Flatback (or Half-Wall) Christmas Trees

Flatback artificial trees include a space-sparing build that resembles a full tree yet occupies half the floor room. The mystery is the flatback which fits cozily against the divider on one side while showing a full rich Christmas tree on the opposite side.

This flatback tree from Vickerman has 1,201 PVC Tips and Dura-lit Lights that use microchips in every attachment so bulbs stay lit even if a few knobs break or go missing.

8. Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Unlike a tree with traditional string lights, fiber optic Christmas trees present an alternative tool for creative illumination. This PVC spruce artificial tree from Goplus is pre-hung with 700 LED lights and has 1188 tips. The LED lights are low voltage, yet they will keep going for an extended period.