You’d think the best answer would be Black Friday, the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. And why not? Millions of people are way too excited for the post-Thanksgiving deal shopping frenzy, so even if you didn’t plan to, you’d probably end up buying an artificial Christmas tree along with the gifts you have in mind for your family and friends.

How Cheap is Cheap on Black Friday?

It may seem quite logical, but should you really buy a Christmas tree on Black Friday? It may surprise you, but if you’re looking to save, the answer is no, you shouldn’t. Why? Because the lowest deals happen post-Christmas, Dec. 25. That’s right. Once everybody has opened their gifts and all had their fill of scrumptious treats, the price of an artificial tree actually drops down up to 70%.

From Dec. 26 and all the way to January, markdowns on Christmas trees and other ornaments are many, which means Christmas decorations are one of the top items not to buy on Black Friday. But it won’t make sense, would it? Why buy Christmas décor after Christmas? Wouldn’t all of it be useless? Well, not exactly.

You can always save the tree and your other Christmas decorations for next Christmas. For now, remember not to buy anything Christmas-related during Black Friday and use your own décor instead. If you’re adamant on decorating your place, however, and really want to buy some Christmas stuff, let’s discuss how to find cheap deals.

Sales Galore!

If you really want your house filled with glitters and all that, your best bet is to scope out the sales. This means that you should take your time and wait, and not jump on the first artificial Christmas tree you see. Actually, this is where Black Friday and Cyber Monday could help you. Or wait a week before the actual Christmas day to spot even lower deals on Christmas stuff.

For example, Target has some crazy deals on cards, lights, trinkets, and trees after Thanksgiving. Retailers will always find a way for the décor to run out, so expect some sales and bargains nearly everywhere, including Bon-Ton, True Value, Jo-Ann, Walgreens, and many more.

So yes, when it comes to Christmas trees, Black Friday deals could be beneficial. But if you’ve been wanting a tree and find it just too expensive, now may be the right time to buy it, at the beginning of the year. Post -Christmas can be a bit dreary, but you can still spot some pretty good deals and save a ton of cash if you’re vigilant enough. Just remember to avoid the holiday rush and simply wait for people to have their fill of the season.

Other Options: Wait Some More, Go Discount

As mentioned, if you wait a bit more, like really close to Christmas, the price of trees and other décor get even lower. If you don’t mind setting up decorations a week or two before Christmas, this can be a viable option. As the demand for Christmas ornaments decreases, stores will likely unload it more, so discounts are dime a dozen. Start your search by avoiding high-end stores and opt for discount retail stores instead. You’ll find a lot of cheap deals at Kohl’s or Wal-Mart.

Itching to Shop Right Now?

Right now, you can actually find a lot of crazy deals on Christmas décor. Post-Christmas sales are happening in January and February so if you’re looking for a fake tree, here’s another post with a list of shops you can visit, currently offering the best deals on artificial Christmas trees. Good luck!