Each Christmas, most people will want to put up a Christmas tree. Thing is, real Christmas trees are quite a hassle. For one, you have to buy a new one each year and, two, they’re quite messy. With an artificial Christmas tree, you eliminate these problems and can even pick one that’s already pre-decorated.

But how can you tell which one will bring in the holiday cheer that’s just the right style and budget? Which one delivers on the best price?

To help you determine which artificial Christmas tree will fit your home, style, and budget, we’ve compiled several options across popular price points.

DISCLAIMER: All prices are subject to change.

Under $100

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree w/Easy Assembly, Foldable Stand – Green

At 7.5ft, this hinged Christmas tree is an attractive expansion to any room. Its soft branches are canvassed in 1346 tips to make the appearance of a full-bodied, certified Spruce tree. Its strong, foldable steel base keeps your tree standing tall and counteracts breakage. This tree’s 3 hinged areas make set up and tear down quick and simple.

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$100 to $250

KING OF CHRISTMAS 7 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Unlit, Flocked Snow

The 7ft Prince Flock Unlit Christmas Tree brings the delight of a frigid Christmas day inside. The powdered PVC tips of this beautiful tree are the ideal spot to hang your valued Christmas ornaments. In its selective way, the distinguished Prince Flock Tree breathes the life of winter’s excellence into your own home.

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National Tree 7.5 Foot “Feel Real” Downswept Douglas Fir Tree, Hinged

This 7.5ft tall downswept Christmas tree has 1867 branch tips that highlight Feel Real branch tip innovation to look like genuine and authentic branches. It stands solid with a metal tree stand and an all-metal pivoted development. This tree is pre-strung with 750 UL recorded double shading low voltage LED lights that can be controlled utilizing a foot switch.

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$250 to $500

KING OF CHRISTMAS 7.5 Foot King Flock Christmas Tree Unlit, 52″ Wide

This tree has 1286 PVC needle branches that are non-allergenic and fire retardant. It has a full profile with plenty of room underneath so you can show off your Christmas presents. The branches are additionally iced to impersonate the snow sprinkled on the parts of the glorious pine tree. The King of Christmas artificial tree is pre-lit with 550 UL endorsed vitality productive clear LED lights that stay lit regardless of whether one of the bulbs wear out. It accompanies a 2-season constrained light producer guarantee.

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Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, 6 Feet, LED Clear Lights

The Blue Spruce Christmas tree from Balsam Hill stands seven feet tall and 53 inches wide. For totality, it has 100% PVC needles made out of 2,366 branches and pre-hung with 850 clear LED lights. This tree incorporates an on and off foot pedal, additional wires and globules, cotton gloves, a capacity pack, and a free tree stand. In addition, the tree has a three-year restricted guarantee and has good ratings from certified buyers.

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$500 to $750

National Tree 9 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with 900 Clear Lights, Hinged

In the event that you need a brand that has demonstrated quality over time, National Tree artificial Christmas trees ought to be your choice. National Tree has been around for 60 long years bringing in artificial trees, laurels, and wreaths both here and abroad.

The Carolina Lights Christmas tree is pre-lit with 700 clear lights with an all-metal pivoted development. This tree is fireproof and non-allergenic — ideal for families with little children. You’ll need this tree on the off chance that you need something full, yet not very wide.

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$750 to $1,000

Vickerman Unlit Flocked Red Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5′ x 39″

Vickerman Company is a shipper and distributor of conventional and reasonable Christmas trees, wreaths and festoons. Additionally, the organization offers other practical looking decorations, Giant Christmas trees and a full line of novel presentation trees. This wonderful red fir tree accompanies 2131 PVC tips with a metal stand included. At 10ft, this brilliant tree makes an ideal highlight for any home or business space.

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There are a great deal of options out there, yet these trees made it on our rundown of every price point. Let us know what you think of our picks!