More and more people find themselves buying an artificial Christmas tree for many compelling reasons. For one, faux trees typically last between ten and fifteen years despite being pricey up front. They are also convenient, requiring minimal assembly and fluffing days or weeks before Christmas day. There’s no need for watering or maintenance either – you’re assured that your tree will stand pretty and tall throughout the season.

So you see, there are a lot of advantages. These things last a long time, so there are a few buying factors to keep in mind. You should make time to study and find the perfect one for your home this holiday season. That being said, here are our favorite brands and their best tree.

1. Balsam Hill

Founded by Thomas Harman in 2006, Balsam Hill has made a name for themselves as proud makers of the best artificial Christmas trees and Christmas décor for home and commercial use. Their trees are quite pricey, but you are guaranteed a beautiful tree that will last a long time.

We particularly love this Classic Blue Spruce with clear LED lights. At 7 feet, this magnificent tree makes a perfect centerpiece for any home or commercial space. It’s made with 2,366 branch tips and hand strung with 850 clear LED lights. Buyers are covered by a 3-year limited warranty and you get a free storage bag, tree stand, cotton gloves, a foot controller and extra fuses and bulbs to boot.

2. Goplus

Goplus are makers of high-quality products both for home and commercial use. The brand didn’t exactly start selling Christmas trees, but in recent years, their trees in online stores have started getting attention, thanks to the intricate details and superb durability.

Our favorite from their current lineup is this pre-lit artificial Christmas tree with PVC spruce. It’s pre-strung with 700 LED lights and has 1188 tips made from high-quality PVC material. The LED lights are low voltage and consume very little energy, but they will last long throughout the season. Simply assemble and fluff this Christmas tree and you get something you’d want to brag about.

3. National Tree

If you want a brand that’s been proven and tested, then National Tree artificial trees should be your faux tree of choice. National Tree has been around for 60 long years importing artificial trees, garlands, and wreaths both here and abroad. They also have a line of artificial topiaries and bushes that many companies and homeowners love for their beauty and realistic aesthetic.

Our favorite from their current lineup is this gorgeous 7.5 foot tall Dunhill fir tree. It’s pre-lit with 700 clear lights with all-metal hinged construction. This tree is fire resistant and non-allergenic, perfect for families with little kids and those with allergic tendencies. You’ll want this tree if you want something full but not too wide.

4. King of Christmas

King of Christmas is another name you want to trust when it comes to faux Christmas trees. They are best known for their magnificent flocked trees, trees that are fit for a king, as the brand puts it. Their trees are realistic as they are beautiful and they come in all sizes, perfect for home and commercial spaces. King of Christmas also carries a line of the best narrow trees.

We love this unlit, flocked tree brimming with snowy branches. You’ll want this tree if you’ve always wanted a white Christmas but never get to see one. Because it’s unlit, you can decorate ornaments and lights to your heart’s content. It’s also not too tall so this makes it a perfect tree for homes with not a lot of space to spare. For quick and easy setup, this tree comes with three hinged sections.

5. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products are a brand that speaks for itself – they carry a line of goodies that are high quality at very reasonable prices. One of the brand’s popular offerings is their line of artificial holiday trees, which are too good to be true. These guys always have a clearance sale, so you’re sure to find a beautiful tree, the type you can only imagine having, for a price that you can afford.

We love this 7.5 foot tall hinged Christmas tree. It has 1356 tips to create a natural and full bodied appearance and its branches are easy to fluff. You’ll love how this tree doesn’t come lit or with any bit of adornments at all. It’s plain as it could be, just like a real tree, giving you a lot of options for themes and decorations.

There are still a lot of brands out there, yes, but these five made it on our list because people genuinely love them, including us. What about you? What’s your favorite brand from this list?